Brendan Woodley

I'm taking part in The Property Industry Sleep Out.

As a father of 2 young boys, it really hits home that tonight there will be 7,000 young people in QLD without a safe and secure place to sleep - 3,000 of those young people are under 12.  Every child deserves a safe place to sleep at night!

This Sleep Out will raise vital funds for youth homelessness and brings us together to better understand youth homelessness and what we can do about it.

Please support my efforts and let's better understand youth homelessness together.

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Golden Crest Manors Craft Group



Graham Meakin

this donation is from the shieilas shack at paradise country parkland,nerang.


Gurpreet Bal

Good going! All the best


Peter Chun

It all helps mate, gr8 2c us supporting where we can!


Kim Woodley

Have fun. It's a good cause


Benjamin L Donnelly


Adam Gane

Good job mate. A cause that each and everyone of us should be concerned about. Hope it didn’t put your back out for Friday night though.


Buchan Gc Movie Night Fundraiser

We had a great time in the boardroom cinema. All the best for the sleep out!


Grant And Kim

Good stuff!


Lynnette Novy

A worthy cause, good work, proud of you, Aunty Lynnette


Ricci-lea Bowman


Belinda Crossman

Awesome work, Brendan 👊


Scott And Ronnie

Great work Brendan!


Brendan Woodley


Megan Woodley


Jeremy Zigenbine

have fun looks very comfy from Jeremy


Cheronne Mcdermott

You doing this makes you even more of a rock star


Jana Leppin


Melanie Radcliffe

Hi B and colleagues, great thing you're doing! Nice work =)


Luke Collins

Sweet dreams!