Bruce Harper

I'm taking part in the Beackseat SleepOut for Homeless Youth

Every young person deserves a safe place to sleep at night.

This Backseat SleepOut SleepOut for homeless youth will raise vital funds for those who do not have a safe place to sleep each night. 

This year I will be giving up my bed for the night on Thursday, 26 October and will be sleeping out in Eat Street Northshore with industry peers to show my support of homeless or at-risk youth.

There are over 44,000 young people in Australia that don’t have a safe and secure place to sleep. You may not see them – they are in cars, under bridges and couch surfing – but as young people with nowhere safe to sleep, they are on a path to ongoing homelessness and vulnerability for the rest of their lives. We need to take a stand against this and change lives for the better. 

Please support my efforts and let's support at risk-youth in our community together.

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Great work Bruce, hope you get some sleep. Ben and the team.


Paul Lindstrom

sleep tight mate !


Cameron Holt


Brad Thompson


Nathan Taylor

Great Job Bruce, a good cause.


Matthew Flanigan

Best of luck Bruce - great cause to get behind


Anthony Demiris

Well done Bruce :)


Marita Loel


Brendan Hannan


Billie Stevic

Good luck Bruce!


Peter Davidson

Well done on participating in this good cause Bruce


Sarah Tebbutt

Well done Bruce!


Linda Walsh

Great support showed here by you Bruce for such an important charity.


Helen Rouhotas

Great cause Bruce - Thank you for volunteering to give up your bed for the night.


David Kay


Colette O'reilly

Great work Bruce!


Sandra Bingham


Jason Brettell

Great cause Bruce. All the best. Cheers Jason


Richard Amos


Bruce Harper


Danny Boubli

Well done Bruce!


Bruce Pywell




Brodie Ross


Manuel Lang

Good work Bruce!


Craig Beveridge

Nice work Bruce!


Yasu Sato


Jess L

Well done Bruce. A great cause


Nicola Biddle

Great work Bruce!


Shruti Shrestha